Exploring the Warehousing Industry – Webinar

Exploring the Warehousing Industry from a Market and Operational Perspective

Warehousing and the storage of goods plays a vital role in the logistics supply chain. There is an increased need for warehousing in the UK to facilitate the logistics industry as a result of the rise of e-commerce and online ordering. The demand for warehousing is likely to increase in the future, and there is a paramount need to ensure warehousing provision is catered for as part of logistics planning.

This recorded warehousing webinar, hosted by industry experts AECOM, explores the warehousing industry from a market and operational perspective by:

  • Examining market trends for warehousing and discuss the direction of the industrial and logistics market both at a national and regional level
  • Provide practical advice for those using warehousing on pre-lease due diligence, schedules of condition and end of lease dilapidations
  • Look at the difficulties associated with Covid-19 and Brexit and the effect on warehousing operations
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